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I have co-owned and managed Plantation Road Dairies Ltd in Central Hawkes Bay for 9 seasons now.  We have recently enlarged the farm to now peak at 1800 cows calving twice a year and milking all year round.  Our operation is as high tech as you will see in New Zealand with centre pivot irrigation, 60 bales fully automated rotary cowshed and adjoining 1000 cow feed pad. 

Milking 1800 cows through one shed is a challenge in anyone's language, though it is managed by a team of 8 milk harvestors on a 6 days on, 2 days off roster with no trouble at all. As you can imagine the cowshed is the hub of the operation with it operating a large part of the day.  Our shed has milked cows twice a day for 9 years without fail.  We chose a Waikato plant with Dannevirke Dairy Supplies as we felt they were more flexible to personalise  plant than some other machine fitters and we liked the product.

We have been extremely pleased with the backup Dannevirke Dairy Supplies have given us (second to none) and their professional workmanship.  They have been and continue to be there 24 hours a day when needed.  Recently we installed full auto ID & cup removers and bale gates while still milking, a big ask.  It was accomplished by working through the night when required, that's what I call commitment. 

With any milking machine, stuff goes wrong, something wears out and it will of course need maintenance from time to time so you need good backup.  We have found Dannevirke Dairy Supplies keep a good range of spares on hand and are committed to your needs even going to hassling head office if required on your behalf.

I would recommend Dannevirke Dairy Supplies to any dairy farmers as being professional, tidy, willing to listen to your needs and then taking action quickly and always, without exception, going the extra mile for their customers.  Lance and Paul understand their business and have good knowledge of milking machines and pumps and compliment each other with their skill set. 

I would have no hesitation in speaking to anyone contemplating using them, just give me a call.

KEVIN DAVIDSON, Managing Director


Lance and Paul from DDS were involved from the beginning of the planning stages of our rotary cowshed, through to its commissioning.  Their involvement has continued beyond this with their team maintaining and servicing the plant.

DDS's discussions with the builders, electricians, rotary platform suppliers and myself meant that these meetings covered everyone's installation issues.  Lance's attention to the small things meant that the big picture went well.

The subsequent on-call and back-up service that Paul organises has been very good dealing with any plant issues along with water and waste pumping requirements.

Farmers operate a seven day a week business and require services to go with this.  The DDS team provide this seven day a week support extremely well.

Thanks guys.



Dannevirke Dairy Supplies